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TOTAL POWER 90317 12 / 12 oz. 00317 Case of 12


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The Ultimate Formula for Year ‘Round Treatment

Total Power is the most powerful combination all-in-one formula on the market today!  We have taken the best ingredients from our other powerful additives and combine them to make the Ultimate Year ‘Round Formula.  Total Power includes an injector cleaner, lubricity additive, cetane improver, water dispersant, fuel stabilizer, wax modifiers, and pour point depressant that lowers the CFPP (Cold Filter Plug Point) of the fuel.  We meet or exceed all fuel standards.  We turn your diesel fuel into a Premium Diesel fuel for around $.07 per gallon.  This can be used year ’round anywhere, in any climate.  Continued use of Total Power as a preventative additive will help eliminate bacteria growth, water issues, keep injectors operating at peak performance and so many other benefits.

Switch to the Ultimate Year ‘Round premium additive – Total Power.  Turn your fuel into a Premium Diesel Fuel.

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