Educational Videos

Wheel Balancing Educational Video from Centramatic

Learn the causes of wheel assembly out of balance and how to select the correct Centramatic wheel balancer part number for your application. Also, demonstration of the keys to proper installation procedures.


Stemco Qwiktie Tie Rod Assembly

Replace, don’t repair, damaged tie rod cross-tubes regardless of their length with the new QWIKTIE™ rod assembly. Universal for over 80% of the tie rod lengths and styles on the market, dealers and distributors can now stock one part number for the vast majority of their customers, making it unnecessary for trucking companies to choose between improvising a potentially unsafe repair or incurring several days of downtime while awaiting a new part.

Specialty Products 91860 S-CAM Bushing Extractor

Great tool for any Heavy Duty shop that works on low boys, reefers, log trucks and more. Now you can remove and replace the S-Cam bushing on air brake equipped trailers without removing the wheel hub or replacing the wheel seal. Save time and money yourself and for your customer with this innovative durable tool. Offer S-Cam replacement with every brake job.

This is Atro Polyurethane Parts – Solutions for Heavy Trucks

ATRO Engineered Systems is the recognized leader in polyurethane parts for the heavy truck market. ATRO’s Made-in-the-USA Polyurethane Parts out-perform rubber OE and aftermarket parts. ATRO utilizes its 11 proprietary polyurethane formulations to make bumper-to-bumper parts—from suspension components, torque rods, a full line of under-hood components and trailer products. The bottom line for truck fleets is to keep trucks on the road and that’s what ATRO offers. ATRO customers experience less downtime and longer lasting parts that save money over the life of the vehicle.

ATRO Polyurethanes Better then Rubber

Understand the benefits and ATRO’s proprietary polyurethane parts over rubber truck parts. ATRO achieves superior parts with a better material and extensive engineering creating the finest parts in the heavy truck industry. Chemically resistant, Stronger and Engineered to meet or exceed the OE standards, ATRO provides U.S. made parts that last 2-5 times longer than competition.

Trux Accessories Dual Revolution Series

Trux Accessories newest LED Light Series, the Dual Revolution. Revolutionary Light Series that can change all the diodes from Red to White.

Minimizer 5th Wheel Slick Plate

Hate grease??? Then you need to use Minimizer’s new Slick Plate product! Minimizer’s Fifth Wheel Slick Plate saves time, money and the mess PLUS comes with a five-year warranty!!

Apsco Power

Is Your tailgate valve leaking air in your cab? Often when a customer calls with a leaky tailgate latch valve, through a simple process we identify that it is not the valve but the latch cylinder that is faulty. This video shows the process of finding the fault

The Minimizer Proving Grounds

Enter the Minimizer Proving Grounds. Here fenders are subjected to the most extreme abuse by being shot, frozen, bludgeoned and even run over by a battle tank. See who survives the carnage to prove themselves king of the hill.

Stemco Crewson Brake Adjuster Installation

How to install a Stemco Crewson slack adjuster.

Peterbilt Installation Guide: Trux Projector Headlight with Halo Led

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